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Guidelines of 14 Days Free Trial

When you sign up a free trial, Middle is creating a 1) Stripe deferred account and adding option to receive payments from 2) PayPal (by default).
Stripe account is necessary for charging your customers with credit or debit card. Stripe is a solution how you receive your customers’ money from their cards to your bank account. When Middle creates a deferred Stripe account, Stripe will email you to ask to set up Stripe account. In the meantime, the account can make a small number of charges before activation. Once the first charge is made on a deferred account, you will have 7 days to activate the account before Stripe blocks further charges. This option is letting you sell immediately after you create account at Middle. offers you a 14 Day Free Trial on our subscription plan, and we won’t even ask you for your credit card number. Test all our features and if you like our service just switch to the paid subscription at the end of the trial period. Remember you can cancel your Middle account at any time!
We accept any standard credit card: Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, etc. Don’t have a credit card? Don’t worry, we offer PayPal as well.
Yes, you can! Try all Middle’s features and if you’re not convinced you can cancel your account anytime. Since we don’t ask for your credit card information we won’t charge you anything. Middle will send you polite reminder 3 days before 14 days free trial ends.