The LAURA FAIR INCORPORATED charity was founded in December of 1984 according to records from the ACNC. The offices for LAURA FAIR INCORPORATED are based in 26 Hughes St, Laura, SA, 5480, Australia .

The size of the charity is not currently listed, but it has 11 responsible persons registered. The charity has a reported fiscal year end of 30-Jun. During it's last filling, it did not appear to operate in any other countries.

It doesn't appear to have any other operating names. For your reference, the charity is registered with ABN 68564041271.

It aims to support a number of causes, such as, Advancing Cultures and Community.

LAURA FAIR INCORPORATED is not DGR (deductible gift recipient) enabled, meaning gifts or donations to LAURA FAIR INCORPORATED are not tax deductable, according to the Australian Business Register.

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