About the Send Hope Charity

The Send Hope charity was founded in January of 2011 according to records from the ACNC. The offices for Send Hope are based in John James Memorial Hospital, Deakin, ACT, 2600, Australia .

It is technically classified as a Small sized charity and currently has 4 responsible persons registered. The charity has a reported fiscal year end of 30-Jun.

It's last reporting suggested that it operates in multiple countries, such as, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Uganda.

It doesn't appear to have any other operating names. For your reference, the charity is registered with ABN 12154317790.

It aims to support a number of causes, such as, Health, Overseas Communities and Women's Rights.

According to the Australian Business Register, Send Hope is available for tax deductible gifts and donations. Send Hope has DGR (deductible gift recipient) endorsement, as of June of 2017, because it is an operating entity only. Only gifts to the fund, authority or instituion are tax deductible.

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